Friday, January 30, 2015

Back on Track

So after ages of absence, guess who's back?
I surely haven't quit on animation! After the Raving Rabbids I worked on the new episodes of Calimero, a character I've been following ever since my childhood, so working on this iconic character has been quite a blast from the past, although not easy at all. After that I moved back to Rainbow CGI to work on the second season of Mia and Me, and right now I'm in Vienna working on the brand new 10' episodes of the world's most beloved cat (okay okay, right after Tom & Jerry, Sylvester, Grumpy, Keyboard Cat, Simon's Cat.... okay I'm done), Talking Tom & Friends! The pilot episode has been online since Christmas and gained so many views, so the project is definitely alive and kicking. I'm also working on more peronal project which will hopefully see the light soon enough. I will keep you posted!


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