Monday, March 4, 2013

Dinosaurs short: Wrap Party!

Here are the pictures we took at that super-awesome wrap party we had last month to celebrate the completion of the Jim-Henson memorial short "I'm the Baby - Gotta Love Me!"
The whole soirĂ©e has been great fun and many new ideas came out for the future projects. We toasted to the short and Jim Henson himself, may he rest in peace forever. Too bad many of us weren't able to join the party, but oh well. It was like they were there. :)
Davide Maugeri (director-animator), Matteo Rovatti (animator), Luca Stocchi (texture artist - matte painter), Alessandro Lolli (3D modeler, render assistant), Andrea & Francesca (Luca & Alessandro's girlfriends), Baby Sinclair (party pooper... literally, a real pooper.)

Enjoy the pictures!

 Awesome stone-age theming inside the restaurant

 That's me, working on brand-new ideas... oh yeah.

 Our 3D modeler is also a screenwriter... who would have guessed?

Animators United!

 Production babies.... :)

 Checking out the menu...

 WOOOW... Giant stone-age calzone! YUMMY

 Some delicious coconut ice cream for dessert.

And here we are! Greetings to the rest of the team who couldn't join us at this beautiful party!

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