Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Friend Of Mine

It's complete now!
I'm so proud of the final results, even because I never achieved something like this before.

What is 'Friend Of Mine'?

Friend Of Mine is a 3D short set in the wilderness of Antarctica mountains. It is about a 12 years-old boy, Ciquala, who lives all alone in a small Inuit village. One regular day, Ciqala goes home after a not so profitable fishing on the bay. Once home, he discovers in his chest a little elephant seal, who eats all his fishes and greet him with a burp.
Angry and feedless, Ciquala decides to chase the little seal away of his igloo. But then, he will find out that little seal could be the friend he had been waiting for so long...

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Click HERE to visit the official website of Friend Of Mine.

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josmic8or said...

What happened to friend of mine short.
It was a great animation and story